Farm Mania with Anna

Casual Gaming November 8th. 2012. 7:13 pm

farm-maniaAfter Farmville the casual gaming market exploded with farm games. Farm Mania is not just another gardening game. It lets people play the traditional game of taking care of a farm along with added functions. Players can now do other activities that include baking and knitting. They can make cakes and pies with the products that they harvest. Players can also make scarves and gloves in order to increase their points and unlock items.

How to Play

Players take care of their farm in order to increase in level. They need to carefully choose the seeds to plant from the market option. The player then prepares the soil before planting the seeds. He or she then needs to monitor the plants and provide sufficient water and nutrients. Doing all the required tasks and keeping the plants healthy for harvest are key parts in the game.

As the farm increases its harvest, it also unlocks additional materials. It will also let the player gain other functions that can be accessed through the menu. The game lets the player purchase items that can be used to maintain the farm. These items can be gardening tools or pastry making devices. The items can also be technological machines that will help in maintaining the farm. It can include tractors and devices that will make the tasks faster and easier.

Special Features

The game can be accessed through most devices with an Internet connection. It can be played on a computer, tablet or even a smartphone. The game is also convenient as it can be played without downloading. Everyone can simply go to the website and play online.

Farm Mania has interesting characters and game play that will surely entertain players for many hours. It makes use of tools and functions that mimic the real life way of maintaining a farm. The game can be a great amusement for people of all ages.