EIGF or as many people know it, the Edinburgh International Games Festival, of the United Kingdom, is a two day conference event that has been around for several years. This conference is set to allow people to view the future in gaming, examine the new upcoming proposals for entertainment, and learn how to incorporate the combination of trends into a now extremely interactive experience. Entertainment, gaming, music, and movies are now taking on a new appearance and diversity. What once was an individual’s sport, is now group interactive fun.

edinburgh-interactiveThe conference offers people the chance to invest new ideas as well as give their own feedback into the trends for the future of games. The festival explores casual gaming, skill gaming, and mobile gaming. People come to this festival in order to see what the up and coming games and devices will be like in the future. Gaming, music, and movies are shown through the eyes of individuals that play these games and entertainment as well as through the eyes of developers. Its official site can be found at edinburghinteractive.co.uk.

The two day conference kicks off parties and other entertainment that is specific to gamers. The events are interactive unlike the conferences of the past years. Lively and educational debates and lecture sessions add to the great mix of events as well as speakers from different areas of research and development. Game making, as an art, is presented through mini lectures. These events continue on throughout the night with parties and socializing. Inventors and investors rub elbows to discuss and pitch ideas about potential ideas. Each person that is looking for an investor to help and market the new idea, can easily walk out with £50k to £100k.

The conference is a makeup of inventors, investors, public, and game enthusiasts. Each day of the conference offers the opportunity to learn about game making, playing, and marketing. Each day of the conference brings on new innovations and insight about the future of entertainment as a whole.

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