Fun Cooking with Kids Food Shop Game

Skill Gaming October 26th. 2012. 1:36 pm

kids-food-gameThis skill game requires the player to use techniques in order to satisfy all customers that enter the shop. The game involves customers who order food, and the player provides each one’s order.

How to Play

The Kids Food Shop game requires the character to serve food in a restaurant. Customers enter, order food and wait for the character to serve it. They will then eat the ordered meal and pay once they finish. The character will take the payment and wait for other customers to enter. They will finish the game once the shop hours have ended. The player will go to the next level when he or she has completed all tasks.

The game requires a mouse and some keyboard functions. It requires the player to click a task in order to assign it to the character. The game also has additional functions that let the player earn more points. This can occur once the player is able to serve faster without deducting their patience points.

Special Features

This is a stimulating strategy game that requires techniques to complete. It has great graphics that are supported on most devices. The game also has sounds and functions that can entertain the player for hours. It is a fun game for kids and adults as well. The difficulty mode can also be changed in order to fit the player’s technical skills. The harder levels are for those who want a fast paced and thrilling experience. On the other hand, easier modes provide longer time periods to finish each task. This is for beginners or players who want a more relaxing gaming experience.