Not an Ordinary Game of Kingdom Wars: Roads of Rome III

Skill Gaming December 28th. 2012. 9:01 pm

roads-of-rome-iiiRoads of Rome III is an online game with exciting game play. This is the 3rd version of the Roads of Rome series. It has 40 levels with an additional three levels for expert players. The levels unlock particular scenes and objects. It also gets more difficult as the game progresses.

The game allows players to combine different strategies and techniques in completing goals. It is great for those who want a thrilling gaming experience with an intellectual touch. The game is also suitable for players who want to play for longer periods of time and have their accomplishments recorded and available when they log in again.

How to Play

The strategy game comes with easy instructions. It has simple game play that even little kids can understand. The game involves a war between two kingdoms. The player will take the ruler’s character and use different methods in protecting the kingdom. He or she is required to restore some areas including the roads and residences. The player will then use tools and techniques in securing the castle and his or her people. All roads should be cleared and rebuilt, and all structures should be protected.

The game involves tasks and responsibilities that need to be accomplished in order to gain a high score. Completing tasks will result in advancing to higher levels. The player wins the game when the whole kingdom is safe and secure.

Special Features

The new version includes three additional difficulty modes that allow people to play longer. It has interesting game play with four modes. The game is also supported on most devices including tablets and mobile phones. It also lets players access the game without downloading it as it is available online.

This game is suitable for those who want more challenging game play. It makes use of different characters and strategies that will help in accomplishing the tasks. The game takes a longer time to finish and requires the player to learn different techniques. This is why Roads of Rome III makes a great skill game for children and adults as well.