Shoot Away with Bubble Shooter

Casual Gaming June 15th. 2012. 3:25 pm

bubbleshooterThis is a classic bubble popping game. It is another addictive addition to the world of casual games. Bubble Shooter can be played on computers, tablets or smartphones. It is a strategically design game that utilizes the players’ skills in order to get to higher levels.

Bubble Shooter is a fun game for kids. It makes use of colorful elements and characters that make it look interesting. The game is also suitable for adults who want to be entertained without having to put much effort into learning game strategies. It can be a great distraction during breaks.

How to Play

The player needs to find matching bubbles among the ones descending. He or she should then aim the mouse at the bubbles and click to pop them. Popping groups of three or more bubbles will increase the player’s points. This will also increase the difficulty level. This allows players of different skill levels to enjoy the game without getting bored.

Special Features

Bubble Shooter has several modes that determine the method of playing. It can be adjusted to puzzle mode where the player needs to pop all bubbles and clear out the whole screen before the time runs out. Another is arcade mode where all descending bubbles need to be grouped in threes and popped to increase in level. The game has over 300 exciting levels that vary in difficulty and speed. It also has the option to change the background.

The game can be accessed on most devices. It only requires an Internet connection if played online. The game can also be downloaded for players who want to play offline. It can be installed on mobile phones for a more convenient gaming experience.