The Island Tribe Comes Back for a Fourth Time

Casual Gaming November 12th. 2012. 1:27 pm

island-tribe-4This strategy game is the latest addition to the Island Tribe franchise. It is the fourth installment and provides the storyline’s continuation. This fourth addition takes place when all of the challenges in the third one are already accomplished. The tribe is already stable with members harmoniously living with each other. The player now needs to help another group of people in order to win the game. A new twist involves pirates who need the tribe members’ help.

How to Play

The player is required to use particular commands to control the tribe members. Is has tabs with certain functions that include building or farming. He or she then needs to complete tasks in order to obtain the things needed. This will also unlock levels and other elements that are crucial to the game. The player will win once the tribe members have successfully helped the pirates.

The game only needs a mouse and a few buttons to play. The player needs to find commands in the tools area. He or she can then click on the command in order to assign it to a tribe member. The game makes use of a combination of commands and actions that will complete the tasks given.

Special Features

The new version provides better graphics and more interesting game play. It gives players a different kind of experience compared to the previous versions with its new characters. The game can also be played online or downloaded. Both versions have real-time functions and progress according to the completion of tasks. It also allows the player to reset the game and go back to the starting phase. However, this also deletes all the unlocked levels and functions. This means that the player will have to do everything all over again in order to reach the level obtained before restarting it.

Island Tribe Four is a strategy game that will amuse players for many hours. It has an interesting setting and storyline that will keep players hooked. The game also has interesting characters that come with their own historical beginnings.