This is how pro e-sports gaming houses look like from the inside

EIGF News,Skill Gaming March 17th. 2016. 10:45 am

We know that the e-sports scene has somehow exploded in the last couple of years. Games such as Counter Strike and DOTA 2 are having millions of dollars in their prize pools and even back in 2014 the League of Legends World Championships had more viewers than the NBA finals¬†which hasn’t really changed since ;-)

So the people competing in these kind of matches often dedicate their whole life to training and focusing on improving their skills – just as any professional sportsman or woman actually.

Many of these game are team-oriented meaning that training happens within a special kind of gaming house with dedicated rooms for personal training, team skirmishes and relaxing corners.

Ever wondered what a professional gaming house looks like from the inside? Well wonder no more, below we’ve filtered out three pro gaming house tour video’s from around the world out of wide variety of houses.


Located in Spain, the Origen gaming house has everything from a recreational pool to a professional tennis court. It can be seen as it’s very own mini-town for that matter. Purely focused on providing the ultimate gaming habitat for the pro’s!

Team Curse

Back in 2013 America’s Team Curse was one of the biggest e-sports organisations out there. Check out their unique house including interviews with pro players from several different e-sports teams.

Unicorns of Love

If you thought that you and your roommates are weird, then take a look at this German pro League of Legends team. Their gaming house is more modest than the others in this list but that makes it all the more relate-able to us common folks out here!