Who Will be Crowned as the Best Game of 2013?

Casual Gaming,Skill Gaming December 30th. 2013. 8:54 am

Grand Theft Auto V

Grand_Theft_Auto_VGrand Theft Auto V  (GTAV) is the newest installment in Rockstars famous series.  The series has already won countless awards and received praise for years on their innovative ideas and game play. And this installment has everything u can expect from GTA and more.

Just like all other 15 installments of GTA this one is in an open world environment, the player can travel wherever and however he wants. If you want to go to the airport and highjack a plane to race to the other side of the map, or take a casual stroll around the upper-class suburbs of the city, it is all possible. This time around GTAV is based in Los Santos, a spin-off of Las Angeles.

GTAV revolves around the story of three criminals who attempt to pull of a number of heists while under pressure from government agencies. The three characters, Michael, Franklin and Trevor all have individual story lines that all connect towards the later stages of the game. Michael is an Ex-convict who faked his death in order to hide his past, and his story revolves around his past issues and how he has everything  man could want, money, a luxurious house and multiple cars, but is still not content with his life. Franklin is a gangbanger who wants to escape the hood and do something effective with his life, however becoming an internationally sought after bank robber does not help his situation. Trever, on the other hand, was Michael’s partner in crime before his fake death and remains on the edge of society as an enraged psychopath who does not hesitate to use force to get what he wants

Overall the game has an enthralling plot and story line, but still provides all the fun that is associated with GTA. Weather u are looking to play fun and exciting mission, or go on a gun fueled rampage, this is the game for you.

The Last Of Us

the-last-of-us-box-artThe Last Of Us took the gaming world by storm with its amazing graphics, game play and story line. This action-adventure survival; horror video game developed by Naughty Dog Is based in a post-apocalyptic world where there is no law, rampaging zombies, bandits and cannibals, and the player must fight for survival.

The player takes control of Joel, a man who has lost everything to the apocalypse. He is joined by Ellie a young teen who is believed to hold the cure for the pandemic virus that has caused the widespread apocalypse and zombielike figures who wander around the world.

The Last of Us received widespread critical acclaim for its writing, voice acting, sound design, level design, and art direction. Its narrative was noted particularly for its characterization, application of subtext, and critical depiction of the human condition, dealing with themes of sacrifice, loyalty, fate, and hope. As the players delves further and further into the story line they become attached to both Joel and Ellie as their relationship, which at first is confrontational, evolves into a loving father daughter relationship.

The game features both ranged and melee weapons, as well as scavenge-able items that Joel can craft into numerous things, such as weapons or medical supplies to aid them on their journey throughout America. The goal of this game is to reach resistant group The fireflies so that Ellie may be able to stop the widespread disease that has caused the apocalyptic world that the game features.

Overall this game is acclaimed as one of the best apocalyptic games as it focuses not only on game play but themes that focus on human nature and the will to survive. This game should be part of every gamers collection, weather they win the Best Game of the Year title or not.