YouTube Gaming is finally here to compete with Twitch!

EIGF News,Skill Gaming June 17th. 2015. 9:21 am

So last week YouTube officially announced it’s very own game streaming service to compete with the ever so popular YouTube Gaming will focus gaming on content such as play through video’s as well as live streaming of populaur e-sports titles.


Dealing with real competition

Since Amazon bought Twitch back in 2014 the streaming website has seen nothing but an increasing user base. Facebook managed to spice up their timeline with viral videos and news clips, so it’s only natural for video giant YouTube to come up with something new as well!

According to Google – who own YouTube – the new service consists of a stand alone app and website where people can find and share all their game related content.

By focusing solely on gaming on the new platform YouTube hopes that their users can find more high quality and related content in one place. On the current YouTube website users may experience seemingly random recommendations since the algorithms have to spit through lots of different kind of video’s such as how-to’s, music video’s and gaming video’s alike.


The official launch of the YouTube Gaming service will take place somewhere during this summer and will start off in both the USA and UK. The rest the world will follow shortly after, though we don’t know when exactly.